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This blog is produced by Goddard College. It is our effort to make our archives, videos and audio files more available to our alumni, students, faculty and the community-at-large.

If you have more information or questions about any of the materials posted here, please post a message to the blog post in question or to the comment section on this page and someone from our Media & Outreach office or the Archives will look into it. Thank you!


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  1. cydne watterson says:

    Can I submit a story? An event ? Does it need to have a media component to it or can it be a blog with photos? My mom died and I had a nation way Joy march (beating on puts with wooden spoons as we marched through the yard. One friend didn’t have a wooden spoon and she brought a crow bar). We are doing it again this week. It has been incredible! Would love to share it with the Goddard Community in photos and story.

    let me know !
    cydne watterosn
    MFA Creative Writing

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